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Fringe of Beverly Hills

Lindsey Carse, Owner of Fringe of Beverly Hills has one of the most prominent salons in Beverly Hills. At 25, she was the youngest female salon owner in the history of Beverly Hills. Now 15 years latershe’s taking her business to a whole new level with an expansion focusing on luxury service and a laid-back atmosphere.



Fringe of Beverly Hills is one of the most prominent hair salons in Beverly Hills. With 17 years of experience, owner Lindsey Carse has taken her business to a new level with an expansion focused on luxury and service in a laid-back atmosphere. Fringe of Beverly Hills pampers clients with relaxing spa massage chairs, sumptuous products like Balmain Paris Hair Couture, a welcoming environment with a splash of modern décor, and delectable French champagne. Fringe’s industry-renowned stylists have extensive training and decades of experience, providing unique styling versatility – from TV/Film to magazine covers and editorial campaigns – that ensures each client is transformed into the best version of themselves, all while feeling relaxed in the company of a good friend.  Fringe of Beverly Hills greatly looks forward to welcoming you and taking unparalleled care of your hair styling needs!